WordPress logo

WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) of choice for most of my web development work. The flexibility and ease of use make it the best choice for all my client work. It’s even used by many Fortune 500 companies and currently powers over 30% of the web. It is open source which means you’re not tied to one web development agency for updates. With over 30,000 plugins available you can easily add features to your website.

I specialise in web development using the WordPress CMS platform including the design and development of themes and plugins.

WordPress themes

Cornerstone – a responsive starter theme based on Zurb Foundation

Cornerstone is a bare bones responsive theme I built for rapidly developing websites for clients. It enables me to focus on the design and function of the site. Most of my recent web design projects were built in Cornerstone.

WordPress plugins

Orbit Slider for WordPress

Orbit Slider plugin for WordPress. Adds Orbit Slider support to WordPress themes based on Foundation 6.

WP Foundation 5 Styles

Add’s Zurb Foundation 5 styles into TinyMCE, the WYSIWYG editor without needing shortcodes. The plugin compliments the Cornerstone theme.

Gutenberg block development

The Gutenberg editor is the future of WordPress. I can develop custom blocks as well as adding support to new and existing themes.