Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about helping search engines understand your business better and how it compares to your competition.  Getting your website noticed by potential customers can be difficult. Search engines such as Google often change their algorithms and your competitors may have written fresher content and have higher quality links to their website.

We have helped many businesses rank higher on Google. We start by doing an SEO health check. Once we’ve analysed the issues on your website we can develop a plan. This plan may include fixing issues such as:

  • Structure of HTML
  • Meta descriptions
  • Speed of website
  • Quality of content and keywords
  • URL structure
  • Quality of links to your website

Search Engine Optimisation is a long term process. Some fixes will have quicker results than others.

We cannot guarantee you first place on Google or any other search engine. Any company that does is lying to you. We can however help you resolve SEO problems and help improve your search engine rankings.

Our focus is on sustainable SEO that gives you results for the long term, not black-hat quick fixes that cause you problems in the long term.

“SEO stands for Seriously Effortful Optimization” – Joost de Valk