Cornerstone responsive starter theme for WordPress based on Zurb Foundation 6

Cornerstone is a free WordPress starter theme based on the Zurb Foundation Responsive Framework. Cornerstone aims to provide a lightweight starter theme that is responsive and SEO friendly that web designers can build great looking website on.

This website is built using Cornerstone.  Cornerstone can be downloaded from


For help with Cornerstone please visit the Cornerstone Documentation.  If you have any problems with the Cornerstone theme please check the issues page on Github. Often your questions may already be answered there. If not feel free to open a new issue on there. I or one of the fantastic community members on GitHub will try to help you.

Foundation 5 Styles

Cornerstone is complemented by the WP Foundation 5 Styles plugin which adds Foundation 5 styles to the WordPress editor.

10 thoughts on “Cornerstone responsive starter theme for WordPress based on Zurb Foundation 6

    1. Cornerstone currently uses the Top Bar menu. You could use the Off Canvas navigation by replacing the Top Bar in your child theme.

      1. Has anyone done this? I hit a wall trying to figure out how to start the offcanvas menu in header.php but close it in footer.php

  1. Superb started theme! Using it to make a new micro site for our company.

    One question, does it support the ‘sticky’ class? Can’t get a menu to stick to the top of the browser when it reaches it?

    Thanks. Pete

    1. The sticky class isn’t in the Cornerstone theme. To add it copy header.php into the folder of your child theme and edit it to include the sticky class.

  2. I think I’m missing something obvious but style.css doesn’t seem to be loaded in the header. In my child theme, I should be able to override styling in my style.css but it’s not working.

  3. One other issue I came across is the admin bar that appears at the top of pages when the administrator is logged in. It’s not displaying. Is there a fix for this?

    1. The Admin Bar is disabled. You can still access the dashboard via
      To add the Admin Bar back in, add the following to the functions.php in your child theme:

      // Disable the admin bar on mobiles but enable on desktops
      function cornerstone_show_admin_bar() {
      if( wp_is_mobile() ) { return false; } else { return true; }
      add_action( ‘show_admin_bar’ , ‘cornerstone_show_admin_bar’);


      // Show admin bar on all devices

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