Cornerstone WordPress theme updated to Foundation 5.2

I’ve updated Cornerstone WordPress starter theme to Foundation 5.2.0. As with the last few updates I’m the first again to bring you the latest responsive Yeti goodness to WordPress users. This time in under 10 mins 🙂

Here are the major changes in Foundation 5.2:

5.2.0- March 5, 2014

  • RTL fix for tooltips 0ec2262
  • Fixes clearing keyboard event bindings fe1a5d5
  • Adds 1:1 touch support to Orbit bdb6dba
  • Add CSS3 animations to Orbit 61fac2e
  • Add range slider component 7dd607b
  • Drop ups, drop lefts, and drop rights support 8eb56c0
  • Added ability to set responsive background-image on divs within interchange ffd8528
  • No longer validate disabled inputs in Abide 5786277
  • Enable Joyride to be reinitialized 794dd8f
  • Remove tooltips if target no longer exists 9c09e28

There are no major changes on the WordPress template this time round, though keep checking as I do keep adding features and bug fixes as I use it for client work.