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Android & iOS mobile app development

Development of bespoke smartphone/tablet apps for Android and iPhone/iOS to fit your individual business needs. website

Website design & development

Design and development of responsive websites that look great on mobile phone, tablet and desktop web browsers.

WordPress design & development

Custom WordPress design and development of themes, plugins and Gutenberg blocks.

Portfolio A selection of apps and websites designed and developed for clients

Recent blog posts

How to add custom categories to Gutenberg

To add a custom category for your Gutenberg blocks add the following PHP code to your plugin, then add a block to your new category. The category won’t show until you add a block.

How to create new Magento admin user programmatically

Edit and add the php file below to the root of your Magento folder. Run it in the browser and the user will be created.

How to use your tablet as a second screen for your Macbook

Most developers will agree having that second screen really helps with productivity so I wondered whether I could use my Windows 10 tablet to extend my Macbook Pro display on to.

How to use the current iOS app icon with UIImageView in Swift 3

How to use the current iOS app icon with UIImageView in Swift 3.

The risks of not keeping your website CMS up to date

Just like the software on your computer or smartphone, your Content Management System (CMS) needs to be kept up to date. There are several reason why you need to stay up to date:   To prevent your website being hacked If you don’t keep it up to date you’re at risk of your website being […]

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