Using ZURB Foundation 4 and 5 with WordPress jQuery

Foundation Framework

The menu toggle in the Top Bar (on small screen sizes) on ZURB’s Foundation Framework 4 and 5 doesn’t work when you use the default jQuery that comes with WordPress, however it works when you use the standard jQuery from Google’s CDN. You shouldn’t load a different jQuery in WordPress otherwise you could break some plugins. […]

Setting up your Android app project to use Material Design with AppCompat

Material Design

AppCompat v21.+’s Theme.AppCompat extends Theme.Base.AppCompat which extends Theme.Platform.AppCompat which extends android:Theme.Material on 21+ devices (i.e. Android 5.0 Lollipop) so you only need to extend Theme.AppCompat to use Material theme if you are using the AppCompat v21 (or above) library. First add compile ‘’ to the dependancies section of your build.gradle file. Edit your styles.xml to add the […]

Cornerstone WordPress theme updated to Foundation 5.2

Foundation Framework

I’ve updated Cornerstone WordPress starter theme to Foundation 5.2.0. As with the last few updates I’m the first again to bring you the latest responsive Yeti goodness to WordPress users. This time in under 10 mins Here are the major changes in Foundation 5.2: 5.2.0- March 5, 2014 RTL fix for tooltips 0ec2262 Fixes clearing keyboard event bindings […]

Cornerstone 3 – a responsive WordPress starter theme based on Zurb Foundation 5

Foundation Framework

Earlier today Zurb released version 5 of their Foundation responsive front-end framework. The Cornerstone responsive starter theme is the first WordPress to support Zurb Foundation 5. What is Cornerstone? Cornerstone is a free WordPress starter theme based on the Zurb Foundation Responsive Framework. Cornerstone aims to provide a lightweight starter theme (a parent theme) that is responsive and SEO […]