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Material Design  - Tablet & PhoneWe specialise in the design and development of applications for Android mobile phones, tablets, watches and devices including Chromecast. We do also develop iOS apps.

The Android operating system has reached over 900M activations, with 1 million new devices activated daily (this doesn’t include non Google Android devices, eg Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices). Android has a larger market share than Apple’s iOS. By only targeting the iPhone or iPad you are missing the largest share of the mobile app market.

Having a mobile app can complement your traditional business model and create new revenue streams, additional audiences and help with brand recognition. One huge advantage mobile Apps have over websites is that they can often run without an internet connection and can make direct use of the device’s hardware features such as the camera, GPS, NFC and internal storage.

Published Android apps developer

A registered Google Android Developer with experience of successfully building and publishing Android Apps to Google Play and other app stores.

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We will never develop an app for you without first checking whether what you really needed was a mobile/responsive website.

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